Kira Jones & Chazz Avery

PJ Harvey Cover songs

Bear in mind, since these are all cover versions, they never received proper recording. Basically they were learned for fun or as filler for gigs. We recorded rehearsals for reference. Once we learned the songs, they weren't recorded again unless it was caught on the occasional live recording. Most were recorded straight to cassette and a couple to vhs. One was a multi-track studio recording which was mixed down to a cassette and it was only a demo for a proper performance that never materialized.

The tracks are nothing special but folks might find them interesting. Don't be misled by multiple files of the same song title. Each one is considerably different from the others.

PJ Harvey
Rid Of Me (demo) 1997
The first rehearsal. Just Kira and Chazz.
Kira's probably still reading the lyrics.

C'mon Billy (demo) 1998
An early rehearsal demo. Just Kira and Chazz.

Angelene (rehearsal) 1999
First rehearsal with a new band who had never heard the song.
Kira and Chazz had just learned the song ourselves.
Bass - Bill Stadler, Drums - Gary

C'mon Billy (rehearsal) 1999
Angelene (rehearsal)
With a different new drummer who had never heard the songs
Bass - Bill Stadler, Drums - Dalton Brand

My Beautiful Leah (live) 1999
Same band from an impromptu jam during a soundcheck.
We didn't really know the song.
Bass - Bill Stadler, Drums - Dalton Brand

Rid Of Me (live) 1999
Angelene (live)
Yet a different band during a gig.
Drums - Bill Stadler, Bass - Tony Papas

C'mon Billy (studio demo) 2000
Recorded with the intent to use on an album but it just became a demo.
Just Kira and Chazz.

We also rehearsed "The Dancer" but apparently no recording has survived.

All songs written by Polly Jean Harvey.