"Pleased to meet you... hope you guess my name..."

Not too much introduction here. The story says it all.

I've tried to touch on a the variety of items that influenced my musical journey through my entire life.
This includes the music I personally make or am involved with. It also features my musical views and inspirations over the
past few decades. I touch on a variety of musical genres and most notably The Beatles and how they've continued to
be a major factor in my life.

Along with historical items, I touch on technical aspects of playing and recording music. I try to cover a little bit of something for everyone. I reminisce about other musicians I have worked with and how they have influenced me, increased my knowledge and influenced my direction. Certainly, many of the things are more familiar to folks who know me more personally but I hope to have presented it in a manner which anyone, who is the least bit acquainted with me, will find interesting.

Included are many vintage and contemporay images relative to all topics. I'm certain many of yo
u who read this will be able
to parallel a few of the stories to your life.

Please excuse any typos and gramatical errors. This is still, essentially, a work-in-progress. As I read through it, I'm reminded of things I've overlooked that need added and I have yet to do the final, definitive proof-reading.
Please note, some of these pages feature many images and might take a little time to load for those with a show connection.


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