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Recorded and Produced 1994-1995 by Chazz Avery
at CrowdedStudio Port Clinton, Ohio

Portions of "Real Dead Loss"
and "I Wanna Be Your Dog"
Rerecorded 1998 by Dalton Brand
at Waveburner Recording Port Clinton, Ohio

Portions of "Bury Me Under The Moon"
Recorded 1994 by Kira Jones
at her home Port Clinton, Ohio

All tracks
Remixed and Remastered 1998 by Dalton Brand
at Waveburner Recording Port Clinton, Ohio
Some remixing and remastering done 2015 by
Chazz Avery at The Basement, Port Clinton, Ohio

Chazz Avery
voice, instruments and audio abuse

Kira Jones
vocal & guitar on "Bury Me Under The Moon"
and vocal on "Real Dead Loss"

Joe Wickerham
vocal on "I'm Available"
and "I Wanna Be Your Dog"

Dalton Brand
drum intro on "I Wanna Be Your Dog"

All songs written by Chazz Avery
© 1996 AArdvark


"Real Dead Loss"
written by Julian H. Cope
arrangement by Billy Oertel
© 1992 Warner Chappell LTD.

"Darkside Of My Heart"
written by Lisa Marquez and Ellen Pomelee
© 1995 Lisa Marquez

"Life's Time"
written by Fred Zimmerman and Chazz Avery
© 1974 Rush

"Ain't It Fun"
written by Peter Laughner and Cheetah Chrome
© 1978 Dead Boys, Omfug, Blue Disque, ASCAP
© 1981 Bomp
© 1988 Crocus
© 1990 Slack Jack

"Bury Me Under The Moon"
written by Kira Jones and Chazz Avery
© 1996 AArdvark

"I'm Available"
written by Joe Wickerham
© 1979 Valiants

"I Wanna Be Your Dog"
written by Iggy Pop and Ron Ashton
© 1969 Stooges/Electra

Cover drawing and Graphics layout
by Chazz Avery

Chazz Avery
Edna Floretta
J.J. Gaylord
John Cook?

This album is dedicated to my late friend
Doug Midgley
He was only for a while.