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Recorded, mixed and produced by Chazz Avery
1993-1995 at CrowdedStudio in Port Clinton, Ohio

Portions of "My Child" recorded by Chazz Avery
1994 at Baxter's Convenient Store in Port Clinton, Ohio

All tracks remixed and remastered by Dalton Brand
1999 at Waveburner Recording in Port Clinton, Ohio
Some remixing and remastering by Chazz Avery
2015 at The Basement in Port Clinton, Ohio

Chazz Avery
All vocals, instruments and noise


J.J. Gaylord
vocal on "Lake Of Fire"

All songs written by Chazz Avery © 1995 AArdvark

Billy Oertel
© 1991 Oertel

"Racer X"
Steve Albini
© 1984 Big Black

"Lake Of Fire"
Curt Kirkwood
© 1983 Cresstone (BMI)
© 1994 Meat Puppets

Photos by:
Chazz Avery (cover and JJ)
Jean Grindstaff (Chazz)

Artwork and graphic design by Chazz Avery