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Recorded and produced by Chazz Avery 2000-2003
at The Womb in Port Clinton, Ohio


"Indisposition" and "Cyclonic Prime"
recorded by Chazz Avery 1999 at The Boudior in Oak Harbor, Ohio

"Spiritual Redemption"
intro recorded circa 1990s by an unknown source at an unknown church in Toledo, Ohio
and the preacher recorded by E. Shannon Hess 2001 in his car in Port Clinton, Ohio.

Please note that "The Merciless Consumption Of Nadine" is a different mix
than the one which appears of Kira and Chazz's Somewhere In Time.


Chazz Avery
all vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, programs, loops and power tools


Seraph Jordan
vocal on "Switchboard" and "Gates Of Toyland", keyboard on "Violet Red and "...Nadine"

Kira Jones
vocal on "Violet Red" and "The Merciless Consumption Of Nadine"

E. Shannon Hess
vocals on "Spiritual Redemption", kazoo and 'wow' on "Gates Of Toyland"

Jeni Lemke
vocal and keyboard on "I Decide", keyboard on "Wires" and "Violet Red"

Edna Floretta
vocal on "Gates Of ToyLand"

Ambrose Pearce
drums on "Spiritual Redemption"

Corey Tamás
bass on "Gates Of Toyland"

Joe Weaver
middle 8 lead guitar on "I Decide"


All Songs written by Chazz Avery

"I Decide" lyrics by Jeni Lemke, music by Chazz Avery
"Never Enough" lyrics and music by Adrien Belew
"Switchboard" lyrics by Seraph Jordan, music by Chazz Avery
"Spiritual Redemption" lyrics by E. Shannon Hess, music by Chazz Avery & Ambrose Pearce
"Violet Red" lyrics by Kira Jones & Chazz Avery, music by Chazz Avery
"...Nadine" lyrics by Kira Jones, music by Chazz Avery

"Gates Of Toyland" dedicated to Dean and Gene

All songs © 2003 PARTNERS IN CRIME/AArdvark
"Never Enough" © 1994 Caroline Records

Cover graphic by Jeni Lemke
Smoke photo by Seraph Jordan/Chazz Avery
Photos of Simon and Chazz at the mixer and keyboards by Seraph Jordan
Other photos are video stills
The Womb logo by Seraph Jordan

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