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All songs © 1998 Partners In Crime/AArdvark

"October On Planet X" © 1996 Endless Joy Music and Bhagiti Songs


Recorded and produced by Chazz Avery
at CrowdedStudio 1996-1997 in Port Clinton, Ohio


Portions of "October On Planet X"
recorded by Eric Wallack
at In-My-Closet Studio 1997 in Bowling Green, Ohio

Portions of "Madness Of Truth"
recorded by Chazz Avery
on Worm mobile unit on Kira's front porch 1998 in Port Clinton, Ohio

"Find Me" and "Reality Is"
recorded by Dalton Brand
at Waveburner Recording 1997 in Port Clinton, Ohio

Portions of "Find Me", "Reality Is" and "Catapult"
recorded by Chazz Avery
on Worm Mobile Unit at The Basement 1997 in Port Clinton, Ohio

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All vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion and programs


vocal on
"Queen B.", "Want It For", "Madness Of Truth",
October On Planet X","Betrayal", "Find Me",
"Reality Is" and "Catapult"

acoustic guitar on

space guitar on
"Madness Of Truth"

guitar on
"October On Planet X" ("Ten Year Storm" and "Stinkman")

"Find Me" and "Reality Is"

All songs written by Chazz Avery

"Queen B.", "Madness Of Truth", "Betrayal", "Find Me", "Reality Is" and "Catapult"
written by Kira Jones and Chazz Avery

"October On Planet X"
written by Eric Wallack and Jay Leyland

Photos by:
Edna Floretta (Chazz & Dalton), Kira Jones (Chazz fuzzy),
Mac Worthington (Kira), unknown (Eric)

Graphic design by Chazz Avery

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