Johnny Gentle with Long John And The Silver Beatles
20 May 1960 - Friday
Town Hall
Alloa, Scotland
Photographer: Ken Beaton

Although, on 10 May, The Silver Beatles did not impress Larry Parnes
enough to hire them for Billy Fury, they were ultimately hired as backing
band for Johnny Gentle on an upcomming tour of Scotland.
The tour lasted just over a week (20 - 28 May)

The band consisted of the same members as the Parnes audition
(John, Paul, George, Stu Sutcliffe and Tommy Moore).

The first photo featured here has been around, publicly, since it was
taken but no other photos showing any of The Beatles have surfaced.
Surely, being the scruffy lot that they were, The Beatles were probably
of little interest to any photographer.

According to a notation on the backside of a copy of this photo,
the photo was taken at Glasgow Theater. However, that venue
was not played on the Johnny Gentle tour.


This appears to be from the same show.
However, that has yet to be verified.