Beatles "Something" 10" 45-rpm Acetate Apple Corps Ltd. (1969). One-sided acetate of one of George's most memorable compositions. Condition: VG-EX 6. From the GRT Collection

The only available recording of a "Something" acetate is from the 25 February 1969 demo however, several remixes were done during
the "Something" sessions and acetates could, potentially, have been cut at anytime.


25 February 1969
E90644 4T
Something (TK1) B demo

16 April 1969
E91390 8T
Something (TK1-TK10)

16 April 1969
E91391 8T
Something (TK11-TK13) B

2 May 1969
E91417 8T
Something (TK1-TK14)

2 May 1969
E91418 8T
Something (TK15-TK26)

2 May 1969
E91419 8T
Something (TK27-TK36) B

11 July 1969
E92829 Z (remix)
Something (ROUGH MIX) (RS1-RS4) B

11 July 1969
16 July 1969
15 August 1969
E92830 8T
Something (8T-8T TK36) (TK37) b
(8T-8T TK36) (TK38-TK39) B

4 August 1969
E94262 Z (remix)
Something (ROUGH REMIX)

19 August 1969
E93345 Z (remix)
Something (RS1-RS10) B

31 October 1969
TL20898A S
Something (7YCE 21369)