She Loves You
I'll Get You

This disc was auctioned in February 2005.
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The Beatles - she loves you -
b/w I'll Get You.
Dick James Music Acetate - 1963

Item location: Stamford, United Kingdom

You are Bidding on an original Dick James Music demonstration acetete of She Loves You/I'll Get You pressed in the Summer of 1963 prior to the July release of the Beatles 1st million selling single.

The versions are as the original release and as with most acetates there is a lot of surface noise but the disc does play although I have rarely played it in fear of deteriorating the sound any more. The label has the titles typed in blue ink and the writing 'Millie' is by the previous owner as explained below. It is only through the need for money that I am selling this (as always!) and so i hope that whoever gets this will treasure it as I have.

It was given to me in 1981 by Millie Kendall who is the Auntie of Paul McCartney (His Dad's sister). My Nan was an old friend of Mrs Kendall from WW2 when they met during the bombing of Liverpool and Birkenhead. We would visit her and her sister Gin every year for a good giggle and a fish and chip take away.

I was eight (a young beatle fanatic) when she gave me this and another acetate with no label which were two of many she had been given by Paul on a regular basis during the 60s. The blank one was a surprise for me as she had no idea what was on it - there were many of these in her collection! (It turned out to be a single sided acetate for Drive My Car.)

This is a major collectable item so I'm only selling through PAYPAL payment and all postage will be insured Special Delivery. I will post overseas and will confirm postage at the end of the Auction. Please mail if you have any questions. Good Luck.

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1 July 1963
E49997 2T
She Loves You 1 Jul 1963
Job No. M273/3PMS

1 July 1963
E49999 2T
I'll Get You 1 Jul 1963
Job No. M273/3PMS

1 July 1963
E49998 2T
She Loves You
I'll Get You
Job No. M273/3PMS

July 1963
E49937 A
She Loves You (7XCE 17395)
I'll Get You (7XCE 17396)
Job No. M273/3PMS