Oh, Darling
I'm Down

This is a very interesting disc. Regrettably, I have no specific info for it. The last sale of this item was in September of 2003 at an auction (I dont have info which auction). Legend has it that it was signed during Abbey Road sessions.

Surely, it would contain the standard final mixes. Both of these songs were recorded at EMI not at Trident Studios.

The disc appears to be a gift ot someone named Russell. It has been suggested that the scribble to the left of the "R" looks like an "E" which could mean photographer Ethan Russell. This could be because Ethan Russell took many photos for The Beatles.

(see below)


E91359 8T
Oh Darling (TK1-TK16)
20 April 1969 [basic recording]
17 July 1969 [vocal overdub] SI onto 16

E91361 Z (remix)
Oh Darling (FROM 8T TK26) (RS1) B
20 April 1969

E91360 8T
Oh Darling (TK17-TK26) B
26 April 1969 [vocal overdub]
18 July 1969 [vocal overdub] SI onto 26
22 July 1969 [vocal overdub] SI onto 26
23 July 1969 [vocal overdub] SI onto 26
8 August 1969 [lead guitar/ tambourine] SI onto 26
11 August 1969 [vocal harmonies] SI onto 26

E91458 Z (remix)
Oh Darling (RS2-RS4) B
1 May 1969

[E93156] Z
Oh Darling (FROM TK26) (RS5-RS9) B
12 August 1969

14 June 1965
E56451 4T
I'm Down (TK1-TK4)

14 June 1965
E56452 4T
I'm Down (TK5-TK7) B

18 June 1965
E56532 A (remix)
I'm Down (FROM TK7 ON E56452-4T) (RM1) B

18 June 1965
E56456 Z (remix)
I'm Down (FROM TK7 ON E56452-4T) (RS1) (*YEX 957) B