Day Tripper

This disc was auctioned on eBay in February 2005. It is the standard mono mix. I really have no theory as to why it was made.


Beatles US Vinyl "Acetate" Day Tripper Capitol Records?

Very rare...origin unknown...great collectable!!

Item location: Columbia, South Carolina U.S.

Beatles "Day Tripper" "Acetate". Bought on eBay a few years ago from a VERY well known and highly respected Beatles expert.

This is in near mint, almost like brand new condition, and I played it back then only to hear what was on it and record it! It sounds exactly like a superior copy of a 60s single. For an acetate, there is almost no surface noise at all except at the very beginning and near the end during a slightly quieter passage.

This is a 33 rpm record but I played (and recorded that playback) more than two years ago and I don't remember for sure and ain't playing it again to be certain.

Side one is "Day Tripper" and side two is blank and unused, and there were no skips or jumps or scratches, but there was a LITTLE teeny surface noise in a couple of spots.

This does NOT have a metal center so am not sure I would clasify it as an acetate, but I don't know what else to call it. It's like the equivalent of someone burning a CD but back so long ago that one could make records of one's own. The Beatles did that single "That'll Be The Day", that McCartney still has, in a booth that had equipment probably very similar to what made this.

This is in mono but is such a rich, vibrant mono that it easily fools one into thinking it's stereo.

Apparently recorded on an old fashioned and probably horribly expensive machine that recorded music on blank vinyl from an original source master of some kind. Going by the label, this recording machine could do 78s and 33 rpm records. I and some friendly fans at the last fest for Beatlefans I went to speculated that some American record company executive - presumably Capitol - prior to a printing of a 45 version of the song, made this to take home so he could listen to it before the official release.