I Want To Hold Your Hand

This disc was auctioned in January 2005.
Based on the specific song and the NBC label, this disc probably originates from January 1964 with a likelyhood that it was used as a reference for The Beatles' first appearance on US television on The Jack Paar Show.

In 1964 NBC (National Broadcast Corporation) was one of the television networks in the US.

The Capitol designation T 2047 is the catalog number for the US release titled Meet The Beatles.

The recording is the standard US mono mix and, as described in the auction description below, with the exception of a few pops and ticks, the sound is very clean. Perhaps even better than the actual Capitol releases.


BEATLES I Want To Hold Your Hand

Original 60's 12" Rare SINGLE SIDED 33 1/3 RPM ACETATE. (METAL SHEET WITH CELLULOSE NITRATE COATING). Overall shape is shade below NM. Played once, only a couple of pops and ticks at beginning of track otherwise quiet. Not scratched. Mono version. These are pretty scarce and only made for people involved with production and or the band to take home to listen to. Usually one's of a kind. A great Beatle collectible to invest in, especially in this shape. Bargain at opening bid. No reserve.
Item location: Long Island, United States


17 October 1963
E50888 4T
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (TK1-TK12)

17 October 1963
E50889 4T
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (TK13-TK17) B

17 October 1963
E50105 A (remix)
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (RS17)
[Lewisohn states 21 October RM? and RS1]