IBC Acetate

This Auctioned on eBay in November 2004.
This is surely not an authorized disc. Someone probably cut it for their own use and it seems likely that all the tracks are the standard released mixes.


Beatles Who Bowie IBC Studios
10" Acetate Rare Versions

6 Beatles trks
1 Who trk
1 Bowie trk
Rare Find

Item location: Sydney, NSW Australia

Artist. The Beatles, The Who & David Bowie

Release Information. 60s I guess perhaps 1969 or thereabouts. IBC Studios Acetate.

Description. 10" IBC Studios Acetate.Tracks and timings(approximatley) are as below. Condition is VG-...crackly and noisy as you would expect with an acetate. I cant tell for certain if the Beatles tracks are different from the LP versions, what with having heard all the versions over the years my ears have turned to cloth!!!!!!!. Strawberry Fields ends then starts up again with 26 seconds of noodling sound effects. The Who track is the uptempo version from October 1968. All questions answered to the best of my ability. The acetate was found in a job lot from a local Sydney Auction house buried amongst James Last and other such easy favourites.

Space Oddity 5.01
Young Mans Blues 2.52
Strawberry Fields 3.37 +0.26
Paperback Writer 2.17

Hello Goodbye 3.21
Rain 3.02
Lady Madonna 2.18
Hey Jude 7.10