This was auctioned on eBay in March 2005.
Regrettably, the auction description is not clear as to what exactly is on the disc.


Rare BEATLES acetate
featuring Interviews & concert

Item location: New York, New York
United States

Speed: 45 RPM

I purchased this 7” acetate record in a record collector’s store in London in the late ‘70s for my personal collection. Unfortunately somewhere along the journey of life, the record became slightly warped and as I haven’t had a record player for decades, I have no idea how this affects its playing condition. Otherwise the disc is in clean and excellent condition with no visible scratches or marks.

The acetate has a label from AUDIODISC (Audio Devices Inc. Glenbrook, CT, USA) printed on both sides. Side 1 has a hand-written ‘BEATLES – INTERVIEWS’ inscribed on it. Side 2 bears the inscription: ‘BEATLES – CONCERT EXCERPTS’. Besides this, I have no other information except that when I first purchased it, it played perfectly and was the real thing. I had it valued at time of purchase at U.S. $275.00. This is a collector’s gem.