The Pressman-Ryan Report

This was auctioned by It's Only Rock n Roll in December 2005

The Beatles WNBC TV
16" Transcription Acetates

1964-1966. This is a fantastic item! Beginning in 1963, WNBC TV in New York aired a half-hour newscast called "The Pressman-Ryan Report", named after reporters Gabe Pressman and Bill Ryan. During Beatlemania, especially during their first visit to the U.S. in February of 1964, many Pressman-Ryan news reports contained segments about The Beatles, Beatles fans, their music and many other Beatles topics. They also broadcast Beatles interviews whenever they could.

The audio portions of these daily news reports were archived at the time on 16" metal acetate transcription discs. About 20 years ago this archive was discarded, but an avid Beatles fan rescued them, went through each one and assembled a set of 22 of these discs, all of which feature Beatles content.

To listen to these reports as presented during the height of Beatlemania is fascinating. They deal with the affect the Beatles were having on the youth of America, the logistical problems of the Beatles traveling to and from the airports, venues and hotels, the Beatles' affect on Western culture (Paul laughs when this is posed as a question) and the crazed Beatles fans (e.g. "George hit me in the head when I pulled his hair").

Although you can certainly hear the classic Beatles humour in the Beatle interview segments, the reports themselves are certainly slanted against The Beatles. It seems Pressman & Ryan were not Beatles fans at the time (or at least they didn't show it). Basically, they were representing the views of the "older generation" (in 1964 Gabe was 40 and Bill was 37) and could not relate to the Beatles' music or youth culture. We're sure Pressman and Ryan had no idea how much of an impact the Beatles would have on our culture, they were simply reporting the news.

This is an amazing historical archive. These original transcriptions, which can only be played on professional radio equipment, have been compiled in chronological order and transferred to a CD, which lasts about 25 minutes. This will be included, although no rights of reproduction of any kind are included. This incredible set is being sold for its collector and historical value only.

The discs date from February 5th, 1964 to August 23rd, 1966 and it's important to note that most of this material, including the interviews, has not been heard since the original broadcasts. Most of the discs are one-sided but some are two-sided. The average condition is VG.