Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts
Club Band

This is an interesting Sgt. Pepper acetate. I suspect they were for use with some broadcast or journalism outlet. I would image that they contain the released mix but it would be interesting to hear how the various side changes occur. These images and the following info were sent to me by the acetate owner who is a member of NRBQ.

"The only history I have is that my ex-guitar player Al told me he got them at the CT. radio station DRC . He gave them to me because I had always been big on the Beatles .. I always thought they might have been advance discs sent out to stations to promote the record .
I just don't really know. "

In earlier research he received the following info from someone in "the McCartney camp".

"Wow! They look pretty darn genuine to me. We used to have a bunch in
the house when I was growing up (they were stolen out of a moving vanin England in 1980 when I moved from Liverpool to London) - and theyall had the courier typeface white label thang goin' on."