Press Conference
Seattle 1964

This was auctioned by Heritage Galleries in April 2005. It's not clear what the disc was used for.

On 21 August 1964, the day of their performance in Seattle, the lads held a press conference at the Seattle Center Coliseum, and answered questions with their usual aplomb:

Q: "Well, it was said in Las Vegas and in Frisco that your performance couldn't be heard because of the noise. Now, how do you feel about this? Do you consider it might hurt your future concerts?"

PAUL: "It's been going on for a couple of years, you know."

Q: "How many more years do you think it will go on?"

PAUL: "Don't know. We're not..."

JOHN: "We're not taking bets."

Q: "Have you got any idea? Will it be three? Four? What do you think?"

GEORGE: "Till death do us part."


Later, Paul McCartney was asked what he might do after he was through with singing:

PAUL: "Don't know. Probably John and I will carry on songwriting."

JOHN: (jokingly) "I'm not doing it with you."

PAUL: "Oh, no!"



Beatles Press Conference 12-inch Acetate. Recorded in Seattle on August 21, 1964, following the band's 29-minute concert before 14,000 fans, this recording (approximately 8 minutes long per side) has the Fab Four talking about subjects such as Elvis and the experience of touring. There's also plenty of joking around! Plays VG+.