"The White Album"

Auctioned by eBay in June 2004.


WHITE ALBUM side one only RARE

Here is a unique item - a rare acetate of The Beatles' White Album, side one / stereo. The printed white disc label reads:

Sound Recorders Studio
6226 Yucca
Hollywood, Calif. - 462-6585

Handwritten in pen just below that is:
Beattles (misspelled)

The condition of the disc is 'fair'. The surface shows obvious signs of use and does have several scratches, but the music is clearly audible as the final mix of side one of the album. The flip side of the vinyl contains no music or grooves. The plain white jacket is split at the top and bottom seams, and does not contain the embossed words "The Beatles" as on the finished jacket (instead the word "Beatles" is simply handwritten in black marker on the front cover). On the back of the jacket is handwritten:

Sound Recorders
Att: John
From: Lou Adler
(the last two lines being partially crossed off)

The genesis of this acetate is unknown. From discussions with record store owners in Southern California, it might be a copy from another acetate or master tape reel, most likely from Capitol Records, although this is speculation. In any case, it is a truly unique item and Beatles collectible.