Dub of AR14271/2

28 May 1969?
Recorded at Olympic Sound Studios
Producer: George Martin
Engineers: Glyn Johns, Steve Vaughan

(for reel AR14271/2)
One After 909
Save The Last Dance
Don't Let Me Down
Dig A Pony
I've Got A Feeling
Get Back
For You Blue
Teddy Boy
Two Of Us
Maggie May
Dig It
Let It Be
The Long And Winding Road
Get Back


This reel is dub of reel
AR14271/2 which,
as indicated in the John Barrett notes,
is still in E.M.I.'s possession.

I corresponded with the owner regarding this reel's history and contents. I was informed
that the owner purchased it at a flea market in London about 25 years ago (around 1979). It was included in a box of records, cassettes and other tapes. It was stated that the songs were...

One After 909
Save The Last Dance For Me
Don't Let Me Down
Dig A Pony
I Got A Feeling
Get Back
I Love You (obviously For You Blue)
Teddy Boy
On Our Way Home
Maggie May
You Can Dig It
Let It Be
The Long And Winding Road
and a bit more Get Back.
In between the tracks is various chatter.
The tape has red leader at the end but the tracks are not seperated.

t would certainly originate from around the
28 May 1969 Olympic Studios session.
Note: Barrett lists the date as 2 June. This was probably the date in which the master reel was returned to EMI.

As described below, the owner of this reel was invited to EMI Studio to verify the authenticity of the reel. The verification was done by playing the
tape and the actual master together in sync. What is not included in the descriptions is, "The other thing that [EMI] said was that it was of better quality than the bootlegs that are out and about..." Note that EMI never determined who the reel originally belonged to or how it ended up at the flea market.


Well...this would obviously be Glyn Johns' first real attempt at compiling the "Get Back" album. The compilation is widely available on a variety of releases. Most notably Vigotone's "Thirty Days - disc 17".

Could it be possible that some of those releases originated from this reel?


Obviously, there are no official releases of this specific reel but a few of the performances were officially released on "Anthology 3" and the original stereo "Get Back" single.

Also recorded this day (from the John Barrett notes):
John Barrett lists nothing else for this date however, Lewisohn indicates that a mix of
"Let It Be" (take 27) was done. It is unclear which reel this was done on.

This reel was first offered on eBay in March 2004. The auction was ended early without any bids.


"Let it Be" by The Beatles on Reel To Reel
Original 1/4" tape 15ips in original box

The seller ended this listing early because the item it no longer available for sale.
Item location: Stafford, United Kingdom

This is a rare reel to reel BASF tape of The Beatles "Let it Be" album before the
overdubs of Phil Spector were added.The tape is on a 10" spool and is in a box labelled Olympic Sound Studios with a telephone number of 01 748 7961.On the outer label is handwritten Beatles Let It Be before OU'DUBS of Phil Spector. The tape contains the complete album of music with various chatter by The Beatles in between tracks. the Long And Winding road has no string arrangements. the serial no on the box reads K2T727F19 and on the spine is written SAHARA 27/5/70 which I assume is the date 27th May 1970.This has got to be a very collectable item for any serious Beatles memorabilia collector.


The reel was then relisted on eBay on June 4, 2004 but withdrawn within 24 hours.


This is a rare item and is a very collectable piece of Beatles history and now being re-listed due to it now having been authenticated by experts at Abbey Road. A genuine first generation dub of the "Let it Be" album on 1/4" tape at 71/2 ips.(inches per second) before Phil Spectors overdubs. Hear The Beatles talking in between tracks. Hear The Long and Winding Road without strings and so much more raw material. This item was withdrawn previously as we were contacted by EMI in London who wished to see it. We were invited to Abbey Road Studios where the tape was listened to in "sync" with the original master. With two Beatles experts in attendance it appears that this tape was in fact a direct copy of the master done in Olympic Sound Studios for someone on the session. Had this been a 15ips copy then it would have been priceless. The box is genuine from that period 1969-1970 and is the same as the boxes the masters are in. I have correspondance to prove the meetings at EMI and we were told that should we offer it for sale then the "purchaser" must know that no rights in respect of exploitation or the copyright in the underlying songs are being sold. All copyrights are exclusively vested in EMI records LTD. I offer it for sale now as a historic piece of Beatles treasure for any serious collector.


It was again relisted on eBay on June 5, 2004.


This is a very rare piece of Beatles History. A first generation copy of The Original "Let it be" Album master on 1/4"BASF tape. On a 10" spool recorded at 7/1/2 ips. This tape features all the tracks before the treatment of string overdubs by Phil Spector. You can hear The Beatles chatting and laughing in between tracks. This item has been on eBay before but we withdrew it due to the interest shown by EMI. We were invited to London to sit with two experts on Beatles material at Abbey Road studios. They confirmed that the tape was a direct copy of the master and authentic. Its box was original from the period around 1970 and the tape was probably an engineer/ employees personal copy. We have several letters of corresponance from EMI who stress that any prospective purchaser has no rights in respect of the recordings or the copyrights of the songs.So for any serious Beatles Memorabilia collector out there this is a real treasure. Starting price doesn't reflect the value, just avoiding listing fees. Serious bidders only please.

On June 12, 2004 the seller added the following information:

Songs in order are One after 909, Don't let me down, Dig a pony, I got a feeling, Get Back, Because I love you, Teddy Boy, On our way home, Dirty Maggie May, You can dig it, Let it be, Long and winding road, Get Back ending to fade out. In between these tracks is a lot of banter and wise cracks especially from John Lennon. Because the recording session is so raw one feels like you are there in the studio with them. Mcartneys version of Teddy Boy is in its early stage of writing and he virtually just sings and plays the idea to the band "for further consideration". The Long and winding road is so pure and unadulterated, one point in the song McCartney speaks the line "Many times I've been alone" wonderful stuff. A truly magnificent insight into the humour talent and magic that were The Beatles in full flight.


Letter from EMI to the owner of the reel.