Bad To Me

Recorded around May 1963 at some unknown location. The recording is probably sourced from a Dick James acetate once owned by Brian Epstein then owned by Alistair Taylor (Brian's assistant). Taylor auctioned the acetate at Sotheby's on 22 December 1981. According to John Winn (in Way Beyond Compare), it "was probably recorded for copyright purposes, and not to demonstrate the song to Billy" (see his book for his reasoning).

The copy featured here is taken from Not For Sale. Unlike the copy heard on Acetates, this copy has the beginning and end intact. Also, meticulous effort has been taken to remove the surface noise produced by the NFS disc without the use of noise reduction. This restores the actual sound of the acetate.

One And One Is Two

This is sourced from a Dick James acetate recorded at the Hotel George V, Paris sometime between 18 January - 4 February 1964 as a demo for Billy J. Kramer who rejected the song. Ultimately, the song was recorded by The Fourmost.

Download 1 is taken from Acetates with a second or so of surface and ambient noise off the acetate,
taken from Ultra Rare Trax 3 edited to the beginning and end. This track has not been subject to the same
cleaning-up process as "Bad To Me.

Download 2 is sourced from Warts 'n' All (Martha Records). It appears to not have the noise
reduction found on other CD releases.