John Lennon and Yoko Ono with Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention
Live at the Fillmore East in New York City June 6, 1971

The Complete Performance

Well (Baby, Please Don't Go)
Jamrag (
a.k.a. Say Please/Aaawk or King Kong)
Aü (
a.k.a. A Small Eternity WIth Yoko Ono)


The recording featured here is more than a simple edit of the various available parts. It is a mix combining the four different available sources.
See the illustration below for a graphic representation of how the different sources were combined.

1. John, Yoko and Phil Spector's mix from "Sometime In New York City" (22:49)
This is the most complete high-quality edit/mix available but it omits approximately 20 seconds of the pre-performance set-up and mixes in
applause that is not actually there. But most importantly, it deletes a little over three minutes off the end of the "Well (Baby, Please Don't Go)"
performance. Probably due to Phil Spector, this mix is also layered with heavy reverb. In addtion, much of Flo & Eddie's
(Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan) vocal contributions have been mixed out. This entire source was used.

2. Frank Zappa's mix from "Playground Psychotics" (20:42)
This edit/mix is, again, high-quality, includes Flo & Eddie's vocals as well as an additional minute or so of "Well (Baby, Please Don't Go)" (in two segments).
There is also a different separation and level to the different instruments. In addition, this mix features Lennon's guitar (the gritty, choppy one) much more prominetly than Lennon's own mix does. However, some of the "jam" portions have been severly edited. This entire source was used.

3. The Fillmore East house film soundtrack from "Lennon Renumbers" (23:02)
This is kind of as complete as Lennon's mix but in a different way. It includes the 20 seconds of the pre-performance set-up and the complete
"Well (Baby, Please Don't Go)" that is missing from Lennon's mix. However, a little over three minutes is missing at the end and it suffers from being
a high-generation source. This entire source was used.

4. The audience recorded tape from "The Fillmore Tapes" (16:06)
Although it's not terrible, this recording is the worst of the bunch. "Well (Baby, Please Don't Go)" is complete but the "jam" session is severely
chopped up and the quality of the recordng suffers accordingly. This, too, is a high-generation source. While this recording offers an insightful look
into how the performance was heard by the audience, only a small portion was used for the mix featured here.

Minimal processing has been done. Aside from being spilt apart and some scattered level adjustments, The Lennon and Zappa mixes have been left
as they were (some of the fake applause portions of the Lennon mix have been removed). They have not been re-eq'd. The film soundtrack has only
had scattered level adjustments with a bit of re-eqing and added reverb between the 5 and 8 minute points where it stands alone with the audience tape.
The small audience tape section had some re-eq with added reverb and a touch of noise reduction. The only reason reverb was used at all is because
the Lennon mix is so drenched with reverb, it was necessary to apply it to that three minute segment. The film soundtrack and the audience tape are both
mono so some stereo enhancement was done in the 5 to 8 minute segment to maintain a cohesive stereo image. Finally the final mix was compressed in
order to tame some of the more out of control transients (i.e. Yoko).

Overall, I am pleased with the result. There are some phasing issues, notably on the cymbals. This is the result of trying to speed-correct and syncronize
so many recordings of the same performance and was quite difficult to avoid in many places.

Please note, in order to maintain the continuity of the performance, this is a single 26:05 file. Cutting it into four individiual files would would have
produced brief sound drop-outs at the beginning and end of each file. This would have seriously impeded the flow (!?) of the performance.

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"Well (Baby, Please Don't Go)" was originally the B-side of the Olympic's 1958 hit "Western Movies".
"Jamrag" is a jam structured around a Frank Zappa song titled "King Kong".
"Scumbag" and "Aü" are pure improvisational jamming.