Welcome to TheBeatleSource. The focus of this site is acetates and tapes circa 1957-1970 (there are a few exceptions).
I have tried to provide as much information about as many known acetates that I can find. In addition, you will find info on various
E.M.I. master reel tapes (certainly, the holy grail of recordings), other rare tapes, test pressings, and other odds and ends.
I hope everyone will find something of interest.
I welcome further information, corrections, theories and debate.


Chazz Avery

While I have spent nearly 30 years researching Beatles recordings and have amassed much
information, that research and this site would not be possible without those who have come before...
(HINT: buy their books!)

John Barrett, Mark Lewisohn, Doug Sulpy and The 910, John Winn, Belmo, Allen J. Wiener, Azing Moltmaker,
Neville Stannard, J.P. Russell, L.R.E. King, Chip Madinger, Mark Easter, Jim Berkenstadt,
Ray Schweighardt, Gareth L. Pawlowski, Bruce Spizer, Charles Reinhart, Joseph Brennan,
Harry Castleman and Walter J. Podrazik

Also, a special nod to the friendly and knowledgable members of Yahoo's Beatleg Group and
The Bootleg Zone, along with Herald Gernhardt's Beatles Pages, who have provided many answers.

A very special thanks to Mark Erbach

Thanks, guys!

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