BBC Reel 1964

Auctioned on eBay in April 2005. According to the auction description, this reel contains most of the recordings used for the BBC Beatles program From Us To You of
28 February 1964 and Top Gear of 17 November 1964 .

This appearss to be, as discovered by Mark Lewisohn in 1981, the only two programs that remained in the BBC Sound Archives. However, those are reported to have been found on disc and not tape.

While it appears to have some BBC authenticity, I cannot be verify it. It also appears to contain nothing that is not already available on a variety of bootlegs as well as the official Live At The BBC. These recordings are available in excellent quality so, this can't be too much of an upgrade.

The track order is different to all available recordings of the complete broadcasts. This might or might not be significant. Other clues might be th omission of some songs, the repeat of "All My Loving" on side 1 and the nine month time difference between the recordings.

ox Notes:

From Us To You 1964
(actually looks like 1966?)

Beatles (Sessions?)
All My Loving
Can't Buy Me Love
Till There Was You
Roll Over Beethoven
All My Loving

I'm A Loser
She's A Woman
I Feel Fine
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
Alan Freeman
I'll Follow The Sun


1964 BBC S.1 Original Beatles Recording
Item location: BUCKS / LONDON

This auction is for a 1964 BBC Reel-2-Reel tape. It was recorded in Studio 1 and has an interview with the Beatles and a lot of their music. It sounds as if it was recorded yesterday, hardly any tape hiss. Unfortunately, it is just in mono. It came in with a bulk load of early original tapes from a BBC engineer who has now passed on. This tape is likely to be an early BBC 1st generation recording, it is spliced in several places. It has an interview with Alan Freeman. Would suit a collector or for somebody who wants some unique Beatles music not from a normal record.
Plays at 7.5inch / sec.