The Hans-Walter Braun Tape

Hans-Walter "Icke" Braun and his tape.
(Photo from Cavern To The Star Club)
In early 1960, then called The Beatals, rehearsal recordings were made at the McCartney family home at 20 Forthlin Road. Members included John, Paul, George, new member Stu Sutcliffe and Mike McCartney
(on occasional percussion). In 1961, Paul gave a compilation of the rehearsal recordings to German friend , "Icke" Braun. The contents of that reel of tape are detailed below.

In 1966, Braun provided his reel to musician Frank Dostal who used the tape, along with other rehearsal reels from Astrid Kirchherr (and possibly Charles Hodgson) to produce three identical(?) reels. Two were returned to Braun and Astrid. Dostal kept the third reel for himself.

Locked away, Dostal's copy still exists today. It's been reported that Astrid returned a reel of the rehearsals to Paul or George. It is from one of the reels of Dostal's compilation that the currently available copies found on bootlegs are likely sourced from. However, it's not clear which copy is the source. Dostal states that his copy is not the source and that he has not heard the bootlegs to compare and verify content.

(51:50) three known copies

Hallelujah, I Love Her So (0:16)*
Hallelujah, I Love Her So (2:19)**
One After 909 (2:23) version 1
Movin' and Groovin'/Ramrod (3:58)
snippet of earlier unknown (0:02)*
Instrumental (7:15)
snippet of earlier unknown (0:08)*
You'll Be Mine (1:45)**
snippet of earlier unknown (0:16)*
Matchbox (0:52)
snippet of earlier unknown (0:15)*
I Will Always Be In Love With You (2:23)
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (2:49)
That's When The Heartache Begins (1:15)
Instrumental (10:07)
Wildcat (2:31) version 1
One After 909 (1:42) version 2
One After 909 (0:02) snippet of version 3*
Some Days (1:41)
snippet of earlier unknown (0:?)*
You Must Write Everyday (2:40)
I'll Follow The Sun (1:45)
Hello Little Girl (0:05) version 1*
Hello Little Girl (1:52)
Wildcat (1:22) version 2

* not available on the circulating copies
** heard edited on Anthology 1

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