Get Back

This tape was auctioned on eBay in July 2005.
I've included this solely for the slim possibility that it might be one of the early Get Back broadcasts of late 1969 to early 1970. See details of those early broadcasts here. However, I do suspect that it's actually a copy of of an early bootleg. Possibly Kum Back.

Note, too, that the seller is quite uninformed.


Beatles Rehersal Tape circa Mid 1960's

Item location: Gaithersburg, MD
United States

This is a rehearsal tape done by the Beatles in New York before a concert circa mid 1960's. It was taken from a vinyl record and is a second generation recording given to my husband in the mid 1970's by a New York dj by the name of Robert Lewis Schwartzman (Babalu). There is much dialogue between the Beatles in addition to the following songs:

Get Back
On Our Way Home
All I Want is You
I've Got A Feeling
Long Winding Road
Let It Be
Don't Let Me Down
I Love You
Get Back
and one that is not known

There is a good amount of dialogue on this tape between the Beatles discussing changes in what they are singing. In addition, I made a small digitally audio tape. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.