John & Yoko Radio Show

It's Only Rock n Roll December 2005

1971. In this previously never before heard 32-minute audiotape, John and Yoko hold a mock radio show, presumably from the confines of their Greenwich Village apartment. Performed by the pair, seemingly for their own amusement... their presentation/performance can best be described as a potpourri of LENONO lunacy with political under/overtones.

John is heard earnestly reading a series of questions and comments allegedly submitted by listeners ranging from counter-culture characters such as Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman to a fictitious Edward Weedkiller and Ringo. The questions are read, but, alas, never answered! The entire interchange is augmented and interspersed between a combination of selections from John's record collection...a diverse cornucopia of oldies, including the Coasters "Searchin', Gene Chandler's "Duke of Earl", Inez and Charlie Foxx's "Mockingbird", The Singing Dogs rendition of "3 Blind Mice", Peter Sellers hilarious spoken word rendition of "A Hard Day's Night", and "Delicious", starring Jim Backus in a Mister Magoo type character voice. Intermittent doses of creaming, yelping, laughing, crying, whining, wimpering...and related sounds emanate from the inimitable Yoko as well. But as she takes to the microphone, John is reading aloud in the background. She, too, reads questions...and asks questions. John can be heard singing short snippets of "Silent Night," "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," and a send-up of "That Old Black Magic."

A few of the questions and requests read by John include: Jerry Rubin wants to know, why don't we turn New York City into one big amusement park...are you smoking marijuana right now?...why not? many people would want to support Bernadette Dorn for President of the U.S.?...and who bombed the Capitol?...Anita Hoffman asks...Are you coming to the Republican Convention in 1972? Abby Hoffman wants to know if anyone has pictures of his bust to help identify his attackers...and what happened to his pen?

Yoko Ono wants to know how much rent you pay? How much rent does a pygmy pay? Do you have a 9 to 5 job? Do you have a job? And finally, John Lennon wants to know if you're being entertained? All in all, yes!

The 7" EMITAPE is housed in an EMITAPE box with EMI Recording Studio label on the back. No rights given or implied. Sold as a collector's item only.