The "Get Back" Sessions

Narga reel 442A
24 January 1969
Apple Recording Studio

"Two Of Us" rehearsals
[DDSI 24.29, 24.30, 24.30p]

[DDSI 24.30] appeared on "Anthology 3"
[DDSI 24.30p] is a playback
from E.M.I. reel E90491

"Track ya put the violins on..."
This comment from John was used on Glyn Johns' "Get Back" albums.
This, too, was likely reel E60491.

This reel can be heard on
"Day By Day Volume 23"
Yellow Dog Records.

See a Nagra A-B reel chart.

Unknown Narga reel

Narga reel 442A case

From "Goldmine" magazine 19 October 1990