Apple Promos

Auctioned on eBay in October 2005.


(Beatles connections)

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In the early sixties, a small commercial advertising company in London, set up a programme to advertise household products over the telephone.

This turned out not to be highly successful, but nevertheless created something quite unique in the UK at that time.

Going from household products to records seemed a more useful way of using this rather unique selling system and after experimenting a little, the company successfully secured it's first major contract with 'APPLE RECORDS'.

They advertised the forthcoming releases of artists such as Badfinger/Chris Hodge/Ringo Star/Yoko Ono and Mary Hopkin. All with a lot more success than the previous lines the company had tried.

Today, I have nine of the original tapes that were produced for the special machines that used to broadcast these releases.

Each of these tapes (now joined together on one 7" reel to reel spool) last aprox, two to three minutes each and play excerpts from the forthcoming release concerned. In the sixties, this way of advertising was unheard-of in the UK, although on the continent it was normal practice. In fact, these tapes are a piece of history, not only for it's unique product advertising but for a record company to use this method was something of a first in the UK. Only the then GPO 'Dial a Disc' came any where near.

The telephone numbers that are heard on the tape recordings do not exist anymore but can be authenticated if required.

The starting price here is based on offers so far for this unique collection.

The advertising tapes are as follow:

1. LP Badfinger - Strait up
2. S Ringo Starr - Back off Bugaloo
3. S Chris Hodge - Were on our way
4. S Badfinger - Day after day
5. LP Mary Hopkin - Earth song, Ocean song
6. S Yoko Ono - Mrs Lennon
7. S Yoko Ono - Mine Train
8. S Mary Hopkins - Water, Paper and Clay
. Apple Records Laughing song
- with compliments