The Beatles Story (BBC 1973)

Auctioned on eBay 2005.

This is the updated 14 episode version of the 1972 BBC series seen here. Episode 13 was expanded to John/Paul and George/Ringo. And covered through summer 1973.

Because of the 46 minute running time of the reels, this appears to be the 1974 U.S. version which includes events from 1974.

For further details, see John C. Winn's book
Lifting Latches.


The Beatles: 'THE BEATLES STORY' - A SUPER RARE, ORIGINAL AND COMPLETE **BBC LONDON** WAVELENGTH 14 HOUR REEL TO REEL SET COMPLETE WITH CUE SHEETS AND PROTECTIVE BOXES!! - This is an ULTRA RARE and EXCEPTIONAL opportunity to purchase a **COMPLETE** London Wavelength 14 hour Reel to Reel set of the BBC Production of 'The Beatles Story' - A Fourteen Hour Special produced by the BBC in London. This HISTORIC and very rare collectable Reel to Reel set gives a totally FASCINATING and EDUCATIONAL insight into The Beatles career, including the ex-Beatles story…… There are FOURTEEN 7" Reel to Reel tape spools in this UNIQUE set, each protected in their original Numbered and labelled Boxes - which are numbered 1 to 14. Also included in the set is every single Official London Wavelength CUE SHEET that was issued for this set! As an additional bonus, all fourteen Tapes are also stored in their Original Brown Shipping Carton! This Amazing piece of History covers the career of Beatles from the early days to the early solo days with music by the Beatles and other artists that influenced them. There are over 200 partial and complete songs by the Beatles and other artists. All fourteen shows are narrated by Brian Matthews. The chapters of the shows are as follows:

Part 1:
'The Birth of the Liverpool Sound'

Part 2:
'Getting On to Wax'

Part 3:
'Chart Success and The Package Tours Begin

Part 4:
'The Start of Beatlemania'

Part 5:
'The Word Surrenders'

Part 6:
'The Life and Rewards of Success'

Part 7:
'When The Touring Had to Stop'

Part 8:
'The Psychedelic Chapter'

Part 9:
'Meditation and Corporation'

Part 10:
'Hello Goodbye or Come Together'

Part 11:
'The End of The Beatles'

Part 12:
'The John, Paul, George & Ringo Show'

Part 13:
'The Ex-Beatles Story - Paul & John Today'

Part 14:
'George & Ringo Today'

All fourteen of the Reel to Reel tapes are in **great shape** and play great at the faster 7 1/2" ips speed - they appear to be recorded in MONO. For your information, this set was stored in a Radio Stations library for many years and long forgotten until now! This is an **ULTRA RARE SET** on reel to reel and a truly **ONE OF A KIND** opportunity. A UNIQUE addition to any Serious Beatles Collection, not expected to be repeated again!