Let It Be (LP)

Auctioned on eBay in July 2004.


Unique Beatles Item Let it Be LP
Double Test Pressing

Item location: Billericay, United Kingdom

Speed: 33 RPM
Record Size: 12"

The item has to be 100% unique, I have had it checked with Reckless Records in central London, they have not seen another example in decades of business.

This is a double white label test pressing of the Beatles Let it Be LP. It would have been given to somebody working in the studio, as a keepsake. The item is 100% genuine indicated by the matrix numbers stamped into the vinyl run-off. The matrix numbers are clearly from the first mother stamper and are YEX 773-1U and YEX 774-1U. The discs each include one side of the Let it Be album i.e. the album on two discs (not one). The reverse of each disc contains no recording. The track order and content are, as released.

The labels (see photo) are white and are stamped "STEREO" in a maroon colour. The label of the first disc is handwritten (not unexpectedly) and says "APPLE LABEL 33 1/3 RPM, LET IT BE, THE BEATLES". The label on the reverse states ""THIS SIDE UNRECORDED" The label on the reverse of the second disc contains a handwritten address in London N16 - this address is probably that of the person who the test pressing was given to. The photo shows a copy of a Let it Be album cover, which I will include for completeness. The test pressing would not have come in a sleeve.

I have played the record through to check quality, it has some surface marks, it plays fine. This said there are some visible surface marks, these, however, do not affect play. Whatever, this item is unique another copy is unlikely to exist.

The item is 100% genuine, I would not sell it if it was not. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a unique Beatles item.