July 2003
Midway through 2003, Kira and Chazz were itching to play live again. The primary Womb players (Chazz, Kira, Edna, Seraph and Stella) were multi-instrumentalists who all thought alike and we thought this would make a good band. Indeed, it would have been however, many weren't passionate enough about it to really commit to it. A handfull of rehearsal sessions did commence such as the one seen here.

When Kira and Chazz had played live before, they were able to perform mostly their origianl material. However, many of the songs had not been performed in a long while. This was the initial session for the proposed band but it just included Chazz and Kira rehearsing all their older songs as well as a few previous cover songs.

Kira makes an adjustment!