Xtra Odds & Ends 2000-2003

Simon hangs out

Kira is quite a proficient drummer

Chazz isn't really a keyboard player simply translating guitar
chords to keys. Seen here in late 2000 working on "Wires".

Kira plays the ham circa early 2002

Kira seems troubled by a playback circa mid 2001

Edna alone in The Womb

Jason and Seraph hang out in early 2003.
The only image known to exist of the newly painted wall.

Kira zones in the control room

Chazz at Seraph's home studio

Seraph in Kira's living room

Edna and Seraph do their version of John Lennon's
"Working Class Hero" in Seraph's home project studio.

Kira in her living room