Pre 1957
various locations - individual photos

early 1957
Wilson Hall, Garston - The Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group

23 May 1957
Wilson Hall, Garston - The Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group

22 June 1957
King John Celebration, Rosebery Street, Liverpool - The Quarry Men

6 July 1957
Garden Fete, St. Peter's Church, Liverpool - The Quarry Men

23 November 1957
New Clubmoor Hall, Liverpool - The Quarry Men

8 March 1958
Family Party, Paul's Auntie Jin's home, Liverpool - The Quarry Men

14 July 1958

Percy Phillips' Studio, Liverpool - The Quarry Men

October 1958
Ye Cracke Pub, Liverpool - John and Cynthia

20 December 1958
Wedding Reception, Liverpool - The Quarry Men

circa 1958-1959
location unknown - The Quarry Men

29 August 1959
The Casbah Club, Liverpool - The Quarry Men

circa 1959


The 1950s decade was The Beatles' musically formative years. During those years, the birth of skiffle then rock and roll lit a fuse within the four lads from Liverpool. With the explosion a few years away, The Quarry Men, as they were named through the end of the decade, were regarded as little more than a group of boys having fun and looking to meet girls. Photos of performances from this era were, in essence, mere happen-chance. Thus, they are few and rare. The few available to media outlets are scattered from throughout the decade and the majority of those photos have been available (with varying degrees of cropping) since the early 1960s.

It would seem logical that some unseen photos exist in private collections of the band's family and friends. However, the "Anthology" project resulted in VERY few new photographs. So, perhaps, performance photos from this decade are actually fewer than would be imagined.