April 1960
McCartney Home, Forthlin Road, Liverpool - The Beatals

3 May 1960
Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool - Rory Storm and The Hurricanes

10 May 1960
Wyvern Social Club (The Blue Angel), Liverpool
The Silver Beetles or The Silver Beats
(Long John Silver,
Paul Ramone, Carl Harrison, Stuart de Stael)

20 May 1960
Town Hall, Alloa, Scotland - Long John and The Silver Beetles

June-July 1960
McCartney Home, Forthlin Road, Liverpool - "THE BEATLES"

July - September 1960
Rock and Calypso Ballroom, Wales - Rory Storm and The Hurricanes

17 August 1960
The Indra, Hamburg, Germany - finally, "THE BEATLES"

Fall 1960
The Bambi Kino, Hamburg Germany

Fall 1960
Grosse Hafenrundfahrt, Hamburg Germany

Fall 1960
The Kaiserkeller, Hamburg, Germany - Rory Storm and The Hurricanes

28 September 1960
Harold's Cafe, Hamburg, Germany

November 1960
Heiligengeistfeld Square
, Hamburg, Germany

November 1960
Brodersweg, Hamburg, Germany

December 1960
McCartney Home,
Forthlin Road, Liverpool

circa 1960
various Ringo

1960 was probably the most problematic year in The Beatles' career.
The year certainly had its up and downs. John, Paul and George were struggling to maintain a band status. Drummers came and went.
Stu Sutcliffe joined the band and his inability to play bass well surely impeded progress. Band names came and went but, ultimately, it was this year that they finally settled on "The Beatles". 1960 was a make-it or break-it year and in December, after returning from their first trip to Hamburg, the band almost broke up. Luckily they didn't because in 1961 they finally were headed on the road to fame.


16 August 1960, The Beatles' van loading for Hamburg. Lower left, John looks on.

An early business card.

Chas Newby
In December 1960, after The Beatles' return from Hamburg,
Chas played four gigs as The Beatles' temporary bassist.