Rory Storm And The Hurricanes
July - September 1960
Rock and Calypso Ballroom
Butlins Holiday Camp
Pwllheli, North Wales
Photographer: (photo 2) Johnny Byrne
Photographer: (other photos) unknown

Rory Storm And The Hurricanes are much less documented than The Beatles.
Consequently, assumption was used for many of the photos of the band.
Mark Lewisohn dates photo 2 as Butlins 1960. Otherwise, I have seen
no specific reference dates for any of these photos.

Read a good story about Rory and The Hurricanes by Bill Harry
at The Mersey Beat site - here.

NOTE: Some of the photos on the lower portion of this page
might, in fact, date from the 1961 season. I have not found any
definitive clues to differentiate between the two seasons.


Butlins 1960 Summer season program.

This photo was taken outside Duncan the tailor's shop in Liverpool.
Probably June - July before leaving for Butlins.

Quite the dapper looking gents.

In the "Anthology" book, Ringo describes a piano on the stage.
That's what appears to be seen to the left.
See an alternate, cropped copy - here

This photo was featured in the 31 August - 14 September 1961 issue of
"Mersey Beat" with the caption, "Rory Storm back [from Butlins] soon".
So, the photo is probably at Butlins but, based on the beardless Ringo,
like photo 2, it likely dates from Summer 1960.

See an alternate, autographed copy - here

Meeting the fans. Based on a beardless Ringo and the very new-looking
suits, this photo is probably dates from this period.

This photo and the three below were taken by
the vendor (name unknown) at Butlins.

Band autographs signed at Bultins June 1960. According to Beatles
autograph expert, Frank Caiazzo, this is the earliest known Ringo autograph.

More band autographs from Bultins 1960.