November 1960
Heiligengeistfeld Square
U3-St.Pauli, U3-Feldstraße, Glacischaussee
Hamburg, Germany
Photographer: Astrid Kirchherr
© K&K/Kirchherr

Some sources date this as 5 November 1960 but I cannot verify that.
In a 1997 interview, Astrid indicates that John is only 19 years old in these photos. So, perhaps these photos date prior to 9 October (the date John
turned 20 years old). This is The Beatles' first actual photo session.
Astrid would go on to be one of The Beatles' premier photographers.

Astrid's famous self-portrait (to the right) was not likely taken on this day. However, it was surely taken around this period.

George: "Astrid was the one, really, who influenced our image more than anybody. she made us look good. She was the one who had the leather
kecks and the Beatles haircut."


Apparently, Pete didn't stay around and Astrid shot individual photo sets of the rest of
John, Paul and George, either alone or with Stu in the distance
(click the thumbs for those sets)

After the photo session with The Beatles, in effort to be alone with Stu,
Astrid asked Stu to let her take some more photos.