27 March - 2 July 1961 (April ?)
The Top Ten Club
136 Reeperbahn
Hamburg, Germany

As with the previous Hamburg visit in 1960, specific date information apparently does not exist. Sometime during this visit, Paul's Rosetti "bass" was allegedly smashed. As a result, he played piano and/or simply sang during performances. It has been reported that he would play Stu's Hofner bass upside-down but no photos seem to exist.

As a result, it was during this trip when Paul pruchased his first now-famous Hofner "violin' bass at a local Hamburg Steinway music shop. It became the second Beatles' guitar pruchased in Hamburg that would become a world-famous Beatles' icon.

It was during this Hamburg visit that The Beatles (without Stuart) made their initial recordings with Tony Sheridan on 22-24 June.

Although he was only "sitting in" with the band, these were Stuart's final days as a Beatle. A letter written 31 April 1961 by Stuart, to his mother, announcing his leaving the band can be seen - here. This might narrow the dates of these photos to March through maybe early May 1961.

Click the photos below for different the sets.

With the exception of the last three sets of photos featured here, the sequence of events mentioned above was used to determine the chosen photo sequence.

Set 2 might be the same date as set 1. Both sets were photographed by Jurgen Vollmer. Set 8 could be from anytime during this period. The placement of set 5 is mere chance since neither Paul or Stuart can be seen.

Inside The Top Ten Club. I don't think it's The Beatles on stage.

Two Klaus Voormann paintings of The Beatles at The Top Ten Club.