Rory Storm And The Hurricanes
October(?) 1961
"The Jive Hive"
St. Luke's Hall
Photographer: Dick Matthews?

This date is a tentative placement based on Ringo's drum logo which appeared sometime during 1961. When I posted a request for info for one of these photos on the internet, I received one reply stating the venue was, indeed, "The Jive Hive". That name, I believe was a generic terms applied to certain venues that presented live music. In this case, it's St. Luke's Hall.


This photo is placed on this date due to the simple factors of Ringo's clothes
and to a lesser degree, his hair. Certianly, though, he would have worn this
outfit on other occasions. This photo is featured in the Anthology book with the implication that it was taken at Vi Caldwell's after a gig. That could, indeed,
be true but no certain verification has surfaced. So, for now, it's home is here.