Fall 1961
The Tower Ballroom
New Brighton
Photographer: Dick Matthews?

There is nothing to definitively date these photos. Mersey Beat issue
Feb 27 - Mar 12, 1964 indicate the photos of Ringo at the drums with
George are from The Tower Ballroom. Some sources say it's The Cavern
but that's false. What seems apparent is that both The Beatles and Rory
Storm & The Hurricanes appeared on the same bill.

Previously, I had placed photo 1 on 10 November 1961 but Ringo is not
wearing the same tie in that set. He is wearing the same tie in the rest of
this set.

The Anthology book features 'group' photos 1 and 2 on a page about
going back to Vi Caldwell's home after gigs. It seems to imply that all the
photos on that page were taken at Vi's. However, that same page features
a couple of photos that, clearly, are not taken at Vi's home. So, I'm
discounting that implication.

All the photos appear to be taken at the same time as the photos of Ringo
at his drums. Also, the blonde girl with the stripped dress seen in 'group'
photo 1 can also be seen wearing the same dress standing behind the
stage in a photo that was probably taken 24 November 1961. So perhaps,
these could be from that date. Pauls was also wearing a light colored shirt
on that date