Late (November?) 1961
The Tower Ballroom
Photographer: Dick Matthews?

I don't have any specific info on these photos.
They come from various unrelated sources.


This photo and photo 2 below are from the archives of 16 Magazine and
were sold with a reference indicating that they might be from The Iron Door
Club. However, I'm inclined to think they were taken at The Tower Ballroom.

The girl with the spotted collar is seen below wearing the same thing.

This photo is referenced as The Tower Ballroom by my source (a 1964
issue of 16 Magazine) but there is nothing to verify that. Johnny Guitar
can be seen wearing this same sweater in a photo probably taken at
The Tower in November 1961 - here. However, Ringo's jacket doesn't match.

This photo is a Savage Young Beatles exclusive unpublished photo
provided by Jörgen Brandell. The info provided is as follows...
"...a photograph taken at a private party some time before the Beatles
made it big! I borrowed the original from the mother of a girlfriend I
dated when I was 18 years of age. Her mother had a penpal in England
during the 60´s- and that´s where she got hold of it."