Stuart Sutcliffe
circa 1960-1962
Hamburg, Germany

Photographer: Astrid Kirchherr
© K&K/Kirchherr

I can't seem to verify too many specifics (dates and locations)
about these photos. Most sources date most of the photos as 1961.
It seems some could have been taken in 1960 and even 1962.
Although Stu was only in The Beatles just a little year (January 1960
Summer 1961), I felt it necessary to include these as sort of a tribute.


John Lennon liked this photo and had Astrid take a photo of him posed
in the same place when The Beatles returned to Hamburg in 1962.
For John's photo, see this page

I assumed these photos of Stu in the vest were taken by Astrid.
However, who took the photos below above?
Maybe Astrid's friend Max Scheler or perhaps Jurgen Vollmer?

With Tony Sheridan. This is probably 1962.
Hamburg, Germany
Photographer: Jurgen Vollmer


Odds & Ends

Photographers: unknown (or as noted)

This was taken in a photo booth.
Shades of Double Fantasy?

Astrid probably took this photo but I cannot verify that.

Photographer unknown (Jurgen Vollmer?)

Stu's handwritten description on the reverse of the photo above:

"This horrible foto of Astrid and me at the festival, with Klaus friend of Astrid and me. He looks much better than that really. Actually this is the second day, so you can imagine how we felt, I was plastered at the time."

My source says this was taken by Astrid.

I have been told that this is a self portrait.