13 April - 31 May 1962
The Star Club
39 Große Freiheit
Hamburg, Germany
Photographer: Manfred Weissleder

It appears this set is color photos however,
some are available only as black and white copies.

The photo to the right appeared in the March 12-26, 1964
issue of Mersey Beat with the caption, "First Beatles Colour Pic".

Mersey Beat © Bill Harry. Permission granted

Indeed, this set documents the first known color photos of the band
with the name "The Beatles". There is, of course, the famous color
photo of George, John and Paul as The Quarry Men taken at Paul's
Auntie Jin's in 1958, a color photo of Ringo with Rory Storm and
The Hurricanes in 1960 and the color film of The Beatles from
Floral Hall on 20 February 1962.


© Bill Harry. Permission granted

With Gene Vincent.

With Horst Fascher who can be heard singing on the Star Club tapes.

My source names the woman as "Ruth".