Mid 1962
Location unknown
Photographer: unknown

This photo is a mystery. My source provided no information.
The only info is provided by the photo itself.

This is after 7 March 1962 because Paul is wearing his Beno Dorn suit.
Because those are Pete's drums, it has to be before 13 August 1962
which is the last non-Cavern performance date for Pete.

If anyone has info for this photo, please send it my way.

Below is a list of Beatles performances at less familiar venues.
Within this time they played several perfromances at more familiar venues
such as The Cavern, The Star Club, The Royal Iris River Boat and The Majestic Ballroom (Birkenhead). This photo was NOT from any of those venues.

08 March Liverpool Storyville Jazz Club
10 March Birkenhead Youth Club
12 March Southport Kingsway Club
15 March Liverpool Storyville Jazz Club
17 March Liverpool Village Hall
19 March Southport Kingsway Club
24 March Heswall Heswall Jazz Club
29 March Liverpool Odd Spot
31 March Stroud Subscrptions Room

02 April Liverpool Pavilion Theatre
06 April Wallasey Tower Ballroom

21 June Wallasey Tower Ballroom
23 June Northwich Memorial Hall
25 June St. Helens Plaza Ballroom
29 June Wallasey Tower Ballroom
30 June Heswall Heswall Jazz Club

02 July St. Helens Plaza Ballroom
07 July Birkenhead Hulme Hall
09 July St. Helens Plaza Ballroom
13 July Wallasey Tower Ballroom
14 July Rhyl Regent Dansette
16 July St. Helens Plaza Ballroom
17 July Swindon McIlroy's Ballroom
20 July Warrington Bell Hall
21 July Wallasey Tower Ballroom
23 July Southport Kingsway Club
25 July Liverpool Cabaret Club
26 July Southport Cambridge Hall
27 July Wallasey Tower Ballroom

03 August Liverpool Grafton Rooms
04 August Higher Bebington Victoria Hall
08 August Doncaster Co-op Ballroom
11 August Liverpool Odd Spot Club
13 August Crewe Majestic Ballroom