21 June 1962 - Thursday
The Tower Ballroom
New Brighton
Photographer: Mike McCartney

The rather goofy photo below is a bit of a mystery regarding date
and location. Typically, I have seen it referenced as simply The Tower
Ballroom with no date. One reference source places it on this date.
I asked Pete where this was taken. He said "possibly Port Sunlight"
(I can't seem to place his reference within the 1961-62 time frame).

I'm convinced this is The Tower Ballroom and I'm inclined to go with
this date for two simple reasons - George and Pete's shirts. They
appear to be the same as the photo to the right. However, John and
Paul's hair raises questions. John's hair looks different in the two
photos but with it combed back in photo one, it's difficult to tell. On
the other hand, Paul's hair looks completely different. I have to question
how it looks so different between the two photos.


Backstage with Delbert McLinton and Bruce Channel