Rory Storm And The Hurricanes
Late May - mid August 1962
Rock And Calypso Ballroom (?)
Butlins Holiday Camp

It was during this visit to Butlins that Ringo received the telephone call with the offer to join The Beatles. He accepted the offer and ended his stay at Butlins two weeks prematurely. I'm really taking a guess with these photos. Again, the lack of detailed info about this band makes it difficult to verify the photos.

Photo 4 was used in the 19 April - 3 May issue of Mersey Beat with the caption "...[the band is] spending their third summer season at Butlins..." The 2-16 January issue also featured photo 4 with the caption "...their 3rd [1962] summer season at Butlins".

Note: Lu Walters had temporarily left the band and is replaced by Bobby Thompson.


The Butlins 1962 summer programme.

Alternate copies of photos 1 and 2
found here and here

The Ballroom (# 31)

These last two photos are obviously the same venue but Ringo's hair looks more like it did in 1961. His attire in the photo to the left looks like what he wore in 1961. However, the drum logo came in early 1962 so these two photos must date from the 1962 Butlins tenure.