circa August 1962
Photographer(s): unknown

These four photos of Ringo must have been taken very shortly after joining The Beatles. His hair is the biggest clue (poor Ringo, he should have just waited a short while and let it grow a bit before combing it forward).

I would have to say they must have been taken some time within the last week of August to the first week of September 1962. I have seen the two bottom photos referenced as The Iron Door Club in 1961. I don't know about the location but that date certainly is not accurate. One source indicates the photos were taken at the Mersey Beat offices.


A rare auatograph set signed "Love to Margaret from George Harrison xxxxx,
To Margaret with love from Paul McCartney xxx and Love to Margaret from
John Lennon xxxx with Lots of luck Ringo Starr X" signed in black ballpoint.

The autographs were obtained on 26th March 1962 while Pete Best was still with The Beatles and Ringo was still drumming for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. Ringo would fill in for Pete from time to time and it was on this night that he signed in place of Pete, an extremely rare and important set which
documents the band's most important metamorphosis.