10 September 1962 - Monday
Rushworth's Music House
Photographer: Peter Kaye

Impressed by Tony Sheridan's ES-175 'Jumbo' Gibson acoustic guitar,
John and George ordered two J-160E Jumbo Gibsons for themselves.

The guitars arrived from the U.S. on 10 September and it is assumed
that this is the date of these photos. However, as evidenced by Andy
Babiuk, these photos might have been taken at a later date. Babiuk
presents the fact that the guitars have smudges on the finish and
shoulder straps are attached. It seems unlikely that new guitars would
have these features. Bill Harry states that the event was staged
specifically for the Mersey Beat paper (the photos first appeared in
October 1962). So the date might be later than 10 September.

Note: At some point, John's and George's guitars must have gotten
switched. In late 1963, John's guitar was stolen. However, the guitar
still in the posession of George's estate is identified by the serial
number as the guitar sold to John.


Receipt for John's guitar.
(click for enlargement)

The two fellows with John and George are Bob Hobbs and John Rushworth.

This photo has circualted for a while and appears to have some anomalies.
It has obviously been manipulated at sometime. John and George are
identical to the photo 8 above and notice Mr. Rushworth's left hand.

The position of the wall sign is different, too.

This is a layered composite which illustrates how the photo is altered.
It's my presumption that photo 8 is cropped from a photo similar to photo 3
and Mr. Rushworth's image in the photo to the left is taken from the
complete photo or perhaps another photo entirely.

A contemporary photo of Rushworth's.