Late September 1962
Peter Kaye Studio
Photographer: Les Chadwick

I have not been able to determine a specific date for these photos.
Here's what I have...

Late August - very early September 1962, George, who's hair had gotten a bit long (see 22 August 1962 here and here), gets a short haircut. The shorter cut can be seen 4 September here and here as well as 10 September.

By 12 October his hair had begun to grow out a bit. In these photos, his hair looks about midway between 4 September and 12 October. Likewise, Ringo's hair also looks about midway between those two dates. To narrow the time even further, since John and George both have their Jumbo Gibson guitars in these photos, this must date after 10 September.

In any case, with Ringo now firmly in the band, Brian wanted new promo photos taken. Having recently utilizing the talents of Liverpool photographer Peter Kaye and his associate Les Chadwick, Brian, once again, called on
them to take the photos.

On this day, when The Beatles arrived at Kaye's studio, Kaye was out scouting around Liverpool for potential exterior shots. So, Chadwick took these photos. The session took three hours making it the longest photo session The Beatles had had to date. As a result, much to Chadwick's dismay, they became bored and very inattentive. Upon his return, Kaye asked Chadwick, "How'd it go?" "It's hopeless," replied Chadwick. While the session might have been regarded as disasterous, a few of the photos were used throughout 1963. Looking at them today, they don't seem too bad at all.

Kaye, however, was not dissuaded. Another session was scheduled for a few days later to take photos at the exterior locations Kaye had scouted.