Late September 1962 - Wednesday
Photographer: Les Chadwick

The next Peter Kaye photo session was the exterior shots taken around
the Liverpool docks. As for date, all I have is that it was a drizzly
Wednesday. According to Kaye, "We worked on principle, contrasting
their appearance in suits against drains and rubble. The group looked
neater than they really were. Toward the end of the session we finished
up on the Pier Head, against the Liver Building. Then we used the fire
salvage vessel, The Salvor."

Another account I have relates the locations as follows...

The first location was a derelict bonded warehouse. T
he location with the
car was a local beauty spot called 'The Bally' on the dock road.
After this
they went onto to the Albert dock and had photos taken in front of and
on board 'The Salvor'.
Then they had the famous photo taken of them in
front of the Liver building.

Quotes taken from Gareth Pawloski's How They Became The Beatles.


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