29 October 1962 - Monday
Granada TV Centre
Photographer: unknown

I've made an educated guess on the date for these photos. They were taken off a television screen. Because of Ringo's drum head, they have to date late 1962. Because John is seen without his guitar in at least photos 1 and 3, they must be miming "Love Me Do". However, in photo 2, George appears to be singing. Is that a second song? In the earliest surviving footage of The Beatles performing/miming to "Love Me Do" (August 1963), George is not seen singing.

Below is a list of The Beatles' 1962 television appearances.

17 October 1962 People And Places
"Love Me Do" - "Some Other Guy"
Lewisohn seems to indicate that this was a live performance.

29 October 1962 People And Places
"Love Me Do" - "A Taste Of Honey"
Lewisohn describes this appearance as "a most unusual stage-setting... George and Paul standing... John sat without and instrument... as would a solo singer fronting a support group." However... Lewisohn goes on to describe that, for "A Taste Of Honey", they removed their jackets. If the photo of George is from a second song, he still has his jacket on

3 December 1962 Discs A Go Go
"Love Me Do"

4 December 1962 Tuesday Rendezvous.
"Love Me Do" - "P.S. I Love You"
This is probably the performance seen here

17 December 1962 People And Places
"Love Me Do" - "Twist And Shout"

NOTE: I typically try to clean up the photos but I kind of liked the
way these looked old so I've left the images as is.